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    frequently asked questions

    The RICA process is a government mandated process and is a Law in the Republic of South Africa. As such, we are bound to enact the regulations as gazetted.

    All customers, both individual and business, need to comply with our RICA Process.

    For Individual’s the following RICA Documents are required before we can activate your services:

    • Clear Colour Copy of your Identity Document
    • Proof of Residence, one of the following
      • Retail Account (Edgars, Truworths etc) not older than 3 months
      • Lease Agreement (not older than 12 months)
      • Letter from your Ward Councellor (not older than 3 months)

    For Business Customers:

    • Copy of Company Registration Documents
    • Affidavit confirming the company RICA Representative
    • Clear Colour Copy of the Company RICA Representative
    • Proof of Address for the Company RICA Representative (as above with the individual RICA process)

    It is important to note that we occasionally perform an audit of our RICA documents for each client, and we do request updated documents. Should we not receive these documents within the specified time frame, we reserve the right to suspend your services until such time as we receive the RICA documents.

    Please send us an email to, accompanied by:

    • Your full particulars and contact details
    • Any reference number pertaining to the complaint
    • A statement of the reasons for your complaint, with enough detail for us to adequately investigate your complaint and provide feedback
    • An indication of the support process that you followed to resolve the issue you are experiencing
    • Any relevant evidence or documentation that you wish to submit in support of the complaint.

    We will acknowledge your complaint within 3 business days and allocate a reference number.

    We will provide a written response with the decision of the outcome of the complaint within 14 business days following receipt of the complaint.

    All accounts and billing queries need to be sent to Any complaints sent here that do not pertain to accounts and billing will be dealt with under our General Complaints Procedure.

    In the event that you have a billing or accounts enquiry, you may not withhold payment of any due invoices / services. You are required to send us your complaint, in writing, detailing as much as possible, together with any evidence you may have to support your query.

    Once your billing dispute is received by us, it will be acknowledged within 3 business days and thereafter attended to.

    Should the outcome of your billing dispute be that you are due a refund / credit, we will propose either a physical refund into your banking account, or a credit to your account which will be used for your next invoice.

    We will not disconnect the service subject to the billing dispute until such time as we have provided our final decision on the dispute.

    GreyTech only works with Debit Orders for account payments, however, the following applies:

    • Should your debit order return unpaid twice in a row, your debit order will automatically be cancelled. You will need to provide new banking details and an updated, signed debit order mandate.
    • If you are in arrears due to a failed debit order collection, you may settle your outstanding balance via EFT, or Online Credit Card using the Pay Now page on our website. Please note that our Online Credit Card Payments are handled by Yoco. We do not store any of your card payment information, and we do not perform recurring credit card payments.

    Important information on Debit Order Payments: 

    We make use of a variable mandate option, which gives you the flexibility of upgrading / downgrading your service or purchasing add on products and services. The variable mandate is put in place to reduce the time it takes to provide you with your new service.

    We will email you your invoice, on which will display the amount due, after any credits, upgrades or downgrades, or any add on purchases, this amount is the amount that will be debited from your account.

    Should you choose to take up a fixed debit order mandate, your debit order will be fixed and we will be unable to change it in the event of any credits, upgrades, downgrades or add on products or services. You will be required to sign a new mandate and send this to us before we can action any service changes.

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